Adding Stimulation and Enrichment to Your Dog?s Life

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64 SHARES Your dog isn?t just a pet. 64 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 1 Comment 1 Comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. After all, an intelligent but . with furnishings and textiles that can be easily cleaned and that can withstand the punishment that an active canine can surely give it. And they?re going to find a way to fill their days, a way to entertain themselves unless you provide that entertainment for them. This can lead to some pretty unpleasant surprises when you get home. They?ll not only have to use their own sense to root out the prize, but they?ll also learn to better listen to their human momma or daddy! The Takeaway You may be the proud pet parent of the perfect pooch, but that doesn?t mean there aren?t frustrations at times, especially if your Fido is feeling bored and restless. , for instance, can be filled with treats that will only be dispensed once your Bruiser or Betsy has hit on the right combination! Old Dog, New Tricks One terrific way to inject not only stimulation but also a whole lot of fun into your dog?s life?and yours?is to try teaching your dog a few new tricks. And that?s going to lead to a happier, healthier, and better-behaved fur baby! Jori Hamilton is a writer from the pacific northwest. This can be a terrific way not only to give your dog lots of mental stimulation but also to help him relieve some of the physical energy that might have built up while you were away at work. And, fortunately, it?s simple and easy to turn any time into playtime. You can follow her on twitter??and see more of her work at?. And while that?s a big plus in a lot of ways, it can also make caring for your little one a bit more complex. For instance, no dog can resist . Or perhaps you get to work from home, but the ordinary responsibilities of daily life keep you out and about more than you and your four-legged friend would like. And if you find yourself coming home to pillow stuffing covering every surface, including your shame-faced Fido, or if every visit with friends ends up with your spending more time chasing your little Max or Millie than actually visiting, then that can be a sign your dog needs more stimulation and enrichment. Just hide the item somewhere accessible and command your little Einstein to ?find it.? The good news is that there are lots of ways to add a little excitement to your favorite fur child?s life. If your precious pooch doesn?t have plenty to do to expend their physical energy and keep their mind occupied, then they can , ways that can be dangerous for your pet and damaging to your home. And, best of all, you both will be getting some great exercise. when you?re out mastering the backyard obstacle course, playing in the park, or taking a brisk evening run together! Be sure to pack lots of fresh, cool water both for yourself and your little one, and don?t forget to bring along a container your fur baby can drink from! Get in the Game As much fun as you and your doggie darling may have playing outside, there may be times when you or your pal may prefer some quieter and gentler games at home. He?s family. . Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And we?re not only talking about the standard old obedience commands. You can do it either with food, treats, or toys. In addition, you should trick out your pet?s space with lots of stimulating toys and games. And, best of all, you?ll be making some great memories with your beloved companion in the process! Enriching the Environment You may have been one of the millions of Americans who decided to welcome a pet into your home during the pandemic shutdowns only to now be forced to spend most of the day away from them as workplaces reopen. Think about it: You have all this pent-up energy and yet your human companion spends most of their waking hours at work, leaving you home alone with precious little to distract you. We?re talking about some hardcore fun and games, such as setting up an agility course in the backyard. But, as in any family, sometimes there?s going to be trouble. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But how do you go about it? A Dog?s Life You might think of your dog primarily as a cute and cuddly fur baby, but the reality is that your dog is probably a lot more intelligent than even you, her proud pet parent, might realize. However, you can help your pet keep himself well entertained while you?re away, and even when you?re busy at home, by creating an enriching space specifically for your fur baby. But with a little strategy and effort, you can add stimulation and enrichment to your dog?s life.? When they approach the hidden object, praise them enthusiastically

Making small, manageable changes will lead to big results over time. ? Wellness?? Checkups are important for both you and your pet to ensure you are both healthy enough for exercise and to determine your specific dietary needs. Remember planning is key to making sure that you and your dog find an exercise routine that sticks. Both experts stress the importance of getting clearance from your doctor and veterinarian before starting any diet and exercise program. ?Making a commitment to your pet to go for a walk every single day means that you?re not only making those changes for yourself but now also for your pet. Markley acknowledges that there are many creative ways to get active with your pet such as dog yoga, dog Pilates, and couch to 5K programs, but she urges people to start slowly. ?A balanced diet and regular exercise are extremely important for pets, just like they are for humans, and many of the health benefits of a healthy lifestyle are the same,? said Dr. It?s important to make sure that there aren?t any other health conditions that might keep either of you from your goals and to have a plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Experts at and say that partnering with your pet when implementing healthy habits can be a great way to find motivation and make you both happier and healthier. To help you reach those diet and exercise goals this year, turn to your dog for inspiration and accountability. It?s important to work them up slowly, especially if they haven?t been active. Liz Weinandy, a registered dietitian at Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, acknowledges that change can be hard but says forming a partnership with your pet could be the motivation you need. Arielle Markley, a veterinarian in the Canine Physical Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Center at Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center. ? Success?? Don?t forget to celebrate and reward your success, but try swapping out treats and junk food for some extra love and attention for your pet. When you call your vet to schedule your pet?s annual checkup, give your primary care physician a call as well.101 SHARES Like many of us, you may have a plan to live a healthier, happier life in 2022. Just as someone shouldn?t run a full marathon without training, the same holds true for pets. That means, if you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.? ? Active?? Find ways to get active with your pet that you both enjoy, whether that?s running, playing or even doing doggie yoga. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When starting a diet and exercise plan with your pet, Markley says to remember PAWS: ? Plan?? Schedule your workouts, make grocery lists and plan out the daily practices that are going to help you reach your goals. . Less than 25% of people who start a diet and exercise plan stick with their resolutions for more than a month. We know that the numerous health benefits from embracing a healthier lifestyle like weight loss, better sleep, and overall enhanced mental health, can translate to your pet as well,? Weinandy said. The Dogington Post is reader-supported. With more and more people getting out to exercise with their dogs after lockdown, plenty of people are choosing to run with their dog and we recommend reading these??to help ensure you?re doing so responsibly and safely. 101 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you Click to comment Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam

4. Instead, take her back home to warm up and ! How do you protect your dog during wintery walks? Please share in a comment below! Enjoyed this article? Pin it! This post contains affiliate?links. 5. Stay clear of freshly salted or de-iced roads, especially if your dog isn?t wearing protective booties, as salts and chemicals can be irritating to the skin at the very least, or life-threatening at most. 3. ? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But, some dogs simply flat-out refuse to wear their shoes. For those pups that won?t wear booties, always use a paw protectant, like??to protect those precious paws. Avoid Potential Dangers! Stay away from ponds, even when they appear completely frozen solid. 2. People with dogs that have a tendency to pull should consider using a?, especially in ice and snow when the ground becomes slippery. Listen to Your Dog! While some dogs make it very obvious when they?re not interested in being out in the cold or snow, others may give more subtle signs that they?re uncomfortable. 692 SHARES Related Items: Recommended for you 3 Comments 3 Comments Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. And, when you return from your walk, give those paws a good washing to remove any ice or snow that may have built up between toes and to rinse away any salts or toxic chemicals that may have been stepped in. 1. If your dog appears to be shivering or shaking, gives any indication that she?s afraid or hesitant, or tries to pull you back toward home, don?t force her to take the walk. If your dog will tolerate them (and it may take some training) the very best winter walking defense is a pair of . Remember, to best protect your dog during harsh winter weather, you?ll need to keep yourself protected, too. Keep hands warm with mittens or?gloves?so that you don?t lose your grip on the leash.692 SHARES Whether your dog absolutely loves the winter weather and can?t wait to get outside, or he prefers to snuggle up inside where it?s warm, one thing all dogs have in common is a need to be protected during winter walks. If the air is cold, but dry, you might opt for a?cozy sweater. Ice and snow on the ground can make it difficult for a lost dog to find his way back home and, limited visibility can make it difficult for others to see you. Bundle Your Dog Up! Although some dog breeds (like Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies, and Saint Bernards) are perfectly suited to venture out into the cold au naturale, many dogs will be safer and more comfortable with a coat or sweater to protect them from the elements. For an added layer of protection in the winter, use a?jogger?s leash?or one that clips to your belt or over-the-shoulder. The Dogington Post is dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and we will never recommend?a product that we?don?t love.?If you make a purchase after clicking them, we may get a small commission. It?s about safety, too! Whether it?s 60-degrees or 6, make sure you?re appropriately dressed for your own safety and that of your dog, too. Or, if it?s rainy or snowy out, a rain-slicker or??would be a better choice. Luckily, it?s easy to keep your pup safe and happy when you follow these 6 tips! The Dogington Post is reader-supported. That means, if you make a purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This way, should you slip on ice or snow, there?s no risk of dropping the leash and losing your pup. Protect the Paws! Yes, your dog?s paws are pretty amazing, but they aren?t immune to the blistering cold and they must be protected from potential dangers like ice, snow, salts, ice-melting chemicals, and sharp objects hidden beneath the snow. Required fields are marked * Comment * Name * Email * Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Follow paths and sidewalks that you?re familiar with, as snow cover may hide uneven walkways, tree limbs, or sharp objects that could injure you or your dog. Remember to use??on your own driveway and sidewalks and encourage surrounding neighbors to do the same. Aside from small dogs and dogs with short hair, those that are very young, very old, or with any illness or physical disability that would limit their ability to keep themselves warm should bundle up before heading outside in the cold of winter. . Bundle Up! While it may seem obvious to make sure you?re properly bundled up before heading out to walk your dog, being properly dressed for cold weather is about much more than just your comfort. Always Use a Leash! Even if your dog is 100% trustworthy and has never run off, never attempt to walk him in winter weather without a leash. Wear comfortable shoes that won?t slip and slide on ice and snow (especially if your dog tends to pull!). 6. Avoid driveways where antifreeze may have dripped

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